Should you inhale cigars?

When fronted with the question: “do you inhale cigars?”, one may look at the context and say, yes or no, depending on if they have or have not. Myself, I do not inhale cigars for many reasons. The main reason I do not inhale cigars is that they are not beneficial to my health, they do not provide a real benefit other than the coolness but it’s just the same as the cigarette, just more mature and cooler.

Cigars are downright harmful to the human body. Although there are many advocates stating that cigars are not harmful to the body, studies have proven them wrong. Studies show that cigars cause cancer when inhaled, larynx, and esophagus. This was proven by the Surgeon General’s warning which can be read on the back of the package. This is the first reason I do not inhale cigars.

The second reason for my cigar abstinence is simple, they do not provide a boost or stimulant. This is an example on a more of a personal level, but nicotine found in cigars does not affect the brain or body systems to any point of noticing. Granted, if you were to smoke thirteen cigars you would feel a buzz, but that is not practical and does not apply to many people. But it also do not inhale cigar smoke for the disgusting cloud of odor given off.

cigars healthLastly, cigars are not appealing to many do to the sense of smell. While this is a completely personal taste or smell so to speak, cigars smell like burning rubber to me. All cigars smell this way, even though some are made to smell like cherries, blueberries, or other miscellaneous flavors, they still smell like burning rubber. I do not enjoy the smells of the rancid vapors that arise from these sticks of nicotine. They are purely disgusting and make me want to vomit. Many of my friends take part in smoking cigars, and it truly disgusts me. The smells that emit from these obscenities are enough to turn my lungs away.

To answer to the question if one do you inhale cigars, it really depends on each of us, personally Ido not. Cigars are unhealthy for one’s body and can lead to terminal illness and even death. Cigars are also boring to my body system. I am gaining little to no boost off of a single cigar and that has no benefits towards myself. Lastly, cigars smell awful and can leave my nose in remission for days. That may be a slight exaggeration, but my nose is appalled by the smell. Do you inhale cigars? My answer, definitely no